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    Unhappy Unanswered: Help!!!

    I have an ACCESS97 database on my XP machine which also has ACCESS 2002.

    My problem is I need to get into the 97 database in development mode but do not seem to be able to.

    I have tried using the command line BYPASSON keyed this way:

    \program files\microsoft office\office10\
    msaccess.exe g:\freight\xxxxxxx.mdb /cmd bypassOn

    which opens the database in ACCESS 2002 and gives me the options to convert or open in 2002, but does not give me the abitlity to open in development mode using the pf11 key.

    When I try the command line pointing to 97's msaccess.exe:

    \program files\office97\office\
    msaccess.exe g:\freight\xxxxxxx.mdb /cmd bypassOn

    I still can not get into development mode using the pf11 key.

    1. Is the pf11 key the wrong key to enter development mode?

    2. Is there another way to get into development mode?

    Any help appreciated.

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    open access
    then select the file you want and hold down the shift (left shift for preference) before pressing the enter key / selecting the file AND during the file load sequence

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