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    Unanswered: Using OpenReport to Print, have to press Manual Feed button on Printer

    On my pickupsheet I have two command buttons for printing

    Print Documents - Msgbox asks if the pickupsheet requires a Bill of Lading, if Yes then print both pickupsheet and Bill of Lading, if no just print pickupsheet
    (When this goes to print you have to physically press the manual feed button on the printer to get it to print.)

    Print BOL - simple DoCmd.OpenReport "Bill of Lading"
    (this prints fine)

    has anyone ever run into a problem like this?

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    dumb questions...

    is the report specified to use a non standard size or type of paper?

    is the report sepcified to use the non standard paper tray (either a missing or badly defined sources)?

    is the report sepcified for a diferent printer?

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