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    Cool Unanswered: A simple touch screen

    I would like to place a few command buttons in a form that when clicked on they would put date into a field.Like a command button with the number 1 on it would put the number 1 in a field when I click on it.Does someone have a simple solution for this task

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    update field button

    There are lots of things that you could be wanting to do here and I probably need more information. But taking for granted that the form in question is based on the table to be updated and the field in question has a date/time data type, than you simply need to make a on click event for the button in question that says

    Me.<fieldname> = 10/2/05

    Although I doubt that you want to hard code a particular date and most likely want to use a date relative to the current date, than instead you should write something like

    Me.<fieldname> = (Date + 7)

    This will input a date that is seven days after the current date.

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    Cool The scenero is

    I have a form that comes up and prompts the user to put in a ID Code, The ID is mainly numbers but we do use one or two letters.User currently uses the keyboard to entere the number.I want to make blocks on the form numbered 0-9 and have the user touch the blocks to enter the number into the ID Code field and then have a enter block for the user to touch to simulate hitting the enter key on the keyboard

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    Think about what you want to do really... You have a bunch of buttons that you want to to APPEND information into a textbox when pressed. So how would you do that?

    txtBox.text = txtBox.text + "yourNewText"

    So you need to figure out how to swap out "yourNewText" with the value you want

    As far as the enter thing, are you sure that's what you want? What would normally happen if enter is pressed? What do you want to happen when that key is pressed?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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