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    Unanswered: RAC Setup

    Hi all,

    Apologies it this thread has been posted.
    I havent worked on RAC before and am now gonna work on this.
    When I install RAC is there a seperate software I need other than the normal Oracle Universal Installer.I also have a server and my manager requested me to install it in such a way that we can convert this to an RAC when a new server comes in.Is this possible,ie; to install Oracle in an RAC configuration with only one server assuming the other node will be added later.

    Am a bit confused and what are the other considerations and softwares needed for RAC.
    Please can anyone advice me on this.

    THanks and Regards

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    When all else fails, RTFM.
    Many Fine Manuals can be found at
    including the following
    Real Application Clusters Administration
    Real Application Clusters Concepts
    Real Application Clusters Deployment and Performance
    Real Application Clusters Documentation Online Roadmap
    Real Application Clusters Real Application Clusters Guard I - Concepts and Administration Contents
    Real Application Clusters Real Applications Clusters Guard I Configuration Guide Release 2 ( for UNIX

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