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    Unanswered: Insert new column into a table at a particular position

    TAB1 structure
    Name Age Gender Address rank
    Inserting a new column to a table say ‘TAB1’ can be done by …

    Alter table TAB1 add column1 varchar(20).
    [which appends a column to the end]

    I need to insert a column at a particular position say .. after ‘Age’ column … How do I do that ??

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    within an RDBMS column positions have no meaning ...
    adding columns to a particular table appends always

    if you want - for whatever reason - have your columns ordered either coin a view or you must go for

    rename the <table> to <tmp_table>
    create the table <table> with your ordered column list
    insert into <table> (columnlist) as select columnlist from tmp_table
    drop tmp_table

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