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    Unanswered: Opening a Cbo and selecting automatically

    Hi Long time no post,

    I have form attached, which i want to cycle through all the existing records in the table it is bound to,

    i then want it to on each existing record automatically drop down the cboEmployee box and select the entry that is already selected and then move on to the next record

    what i mean by select the entry that is already selected:
    the cboEmployee, Manager and Department box are kind of linked and if the data in the tables employee manager and department change i want it to also change pre-existing records with this data, and the only way i can think of doing it is going through each record and click on cboEmployee and selecting the employee name that is already showing, this then updates cboManager and cboDepartment, i need either help with a solution to updating pre existing records when the data tables change or an automated way of going through the attached form droping down the menu and clicking the name aready selected and going on to the next record (like an excel macro)

    Your help on this matter would be appriciated
    thank you
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    No back end

    Your attachment didn't include the back end mdb so I can't open any forms or tables or show the relationships that you have created to work out the problem

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