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    Question Unanswered: Progress Database Imports

    I am trying to find out if its possible to import excel spread sheets into a progress data base ?

    I only started using progress 4 weeks ago ..

    any links or ideas?

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    Heya there Bardwell,

    Yes you can. Easier to save the Excel workbook as a CSV file.
    From there try doing something like this :

    def var vInputField as char no-undo.
    input from "drive:\directory\file.csv".
        import delimiter ","
        /* you can put your logic in here to do what ever
            you need to do with vInput Field
            NOTE: You can have as many input fields as you like...
                      I tend to make a vDummy field for columns 
                      I don't need to use...
                      I also tend to use streams for flat file IO, but
                          easier for this example not to.
    close input.
    Hope this helps...

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