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    Cool functional dependencies

    i am a engineering student in india.i have a doubt regarding the database design.

    in the logical database design we use the concept of functional dependencies and the closure using Amstrong's axioms . What is the basic necessity to find the closure of the functional dependencies.

    one more Question::
    if we have a relation R(a,b,c,d,e) and a set of functional dependencies F. when we want to update is it sufficient if it satisfies F or do we need to satisfy the closure of F and why?

    whoever is interested please give a reply to m mail

    thank you
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    that's curious, you aren't the only one recently with a question about armstrong

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    i suggest you take a look at this link i found in google.
    its very helpful, and i predict that it will answer your questions.
    p.s if you find the answers would you mind posting it?
    best wishes

    i coped on to what i asked in the above link.thanks for the help.
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