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    Unanswered: Some simple questions

    1. Name two Unix commands that can be used to copy a file to a directory on another host.

    2. What command can I use to login to a different group?

    3. Write a command that will list the contents of the tar file "newstuff.tar"

    4. What command will list the names of all auto-mounted directories?

    5. Write the awk script that will extract a list of login IDs and user names from the password file. e.g. from:
    amasnic:xAy:604:980:Adnan Masnic:/home/amasnic:/bin/csh
    rrao:4HFsE:502:406:Ravi Rao:/home/rrao:/bin/csh
    to : amasnic Adnan Masnic
    rrao Ravi Rao

    6. How can I check if a process has registered an RPC program number on my host?

    7. What command will display the "demangled" C++ symbols in the library libXX.a?

    8. What addressing information is required for :
    a) an RPC connection
    b) a TCP/IP connection

    9. What command will list the dynamic libraries required by an executable?

    10. What command will provide a list of available manual pages that refer to "process" ?

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    11. What's the email of the instructor?
    | #include <disclaimer.h> |

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    lol that is so your home work he he

    for the commands try:

    i have a more useful version saved in my favourites at home. When i get back i will post them for you

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