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    Unanswered: Oracle database guide

    I've been thrown into a project where I'm going to create an oracle database. My only problem is I've never done anything with databases. I have four months to learn all I need to know to do this project and I was wondering if anybody knows of a good guide to help me through the learning process. I have downloaded TOAD and I am reading through the help contents but I need a bit more than what is provided.

    Maybe something like Database basics for dummies


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    well, TOAD has nothing to do with creating a database or setting up
    your tns and listeners.

    If you look at the sticky-post at the top of this forum, it lists some very good
    links to documentation.

    Also, the below link is not all that bad for creating a database from command-line.
    This is assuming you already installed all the Oracle software on your server.
    - The_Duck
    you can lead someone to something but they will never learn anything ...

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    the bad news is I can't install the software yet due to lack of administrator rights.

    There are databases up at work that I can't access due to lack of user name and password. Basically what I'd like to understand is all the setup jargon. I've gone through a MySQL tutorial so I understand the basics of how to create and modify a database but I don't understand how the connections work.

    Maybe what I'm looking for is a network guide...

    Thanks for the links though

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    Welcome to the IT-Business!

    Do not waste time with TOAD and MySQL trials and documentation. I think it would not bring a benefit in your situation. You have to install an Oracle database, not MySQL. And having an eye on a good administration / development tool would be nice after having installed the database successfully.

    As The_Duck wrote: Have a look at the sticky-post at the top of this forum!

    In the past i started with oracle aswell and the first steps could be hard. My advice is the following:

    Go to There you have all the Oracle documentation.
    The web page may ask you for your credentials. If you have not an account yet, just create a new one. It is free, just supply an email adress.

    Think of what you have to do! Do you have to install the software? Or do you just have to set up a new database (binaries already installed)?

    If just have to set up a new database i recommend the following books from the above link:
    Administrator's Guide, especially chapter "Creating a database" and "Starting up and shutting down".

    If you have to install the binary read the books "Installation Guide for ..." at first. Especially if you have to do it on a Unix system!!!

    But, you have to read, read, read, read, read, read and read again!!!

    This was the theory. But you have to do practices.
    Download the database files from and install it on your system at home. Create a new database with dbca / Database Creation Assistant.

    From my point of view The_Duck's link would not be the right for you. It describes the way to install a database in a manual way.
    My advice: First use dbca and after succiding use the manual way to get a deeper knowledge of the things behind the GUI.

    Good luck.

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