How do I use the result of a procedure and update a specific row value, in another table, in the same db

here is my sp_...
CREATE PROCEDURE Enter_Houry06PalletCount AS

Declare @rc1 int

SELECT @rc1=count(TransportOrder_Log.TU_ID)
FROM TransportOrder_Log
where Log_Time >= dateadd(hh, -1, GETDATE())

select @rc1 as a

set @rc1 = @@rowcount

UPDATE blalba.bla

SET balalba = @rc1

WHERE blaab = balbal


here the table to be updated

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[womencount] (
[ID] [char] (20) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS NOT NULL ,
[womentNumber] [int] NULL

I need to update specific row in womenNumber..

Thanks in Advance

Programming could be Adictive!!!