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    Unanswered: problem with the login form

    ok here is the setup

    Login(Table) - UserID, CompName, DateTime

    Login(Form) - Enter UserName, CompName(Automatic), DateTime = Now()

    When the form loads it goes to a new record which logs the date and time plus the compname and user each time a person comes in.

    now i want it to be that you have to enter the password in an unbound text box and then it'll go to the main form. but my only problem is that after you hit enter that it will go to a new record if you put the wrong password on. how can i set it up so that after you hit enter and the wrong password is in that it won't go to a new record, pretty much lock it on the current record

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    I usually put an Ok button and a cancel button on my login forms. Then I set the tab order so that the Ok button is after the password field. I then use the OK button on click event to create a record set that has the user name and password to check if the password is correct along with any other information I need such as security levels etc.

    This works fine by itself as when the user presses either enter or tab the focus goes to the OK button and then when the user presses enter again the onclick event is activated or if they press tab the focus goes to the Cancel button. Or after inputing the password the user can click on the OK button.

    To make this a little quicker for the user I also put a procedure on the after update event of the password field that simply calls the OKButton_OnClick procedure.

    Of course the OnClick event procedure of the OK button also does things like check that both the username and password fields aren't empty and have appropriate messages as to errors and sometimes limits the number of tries to three etc.

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