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    Unanswered: Oracle Discoverer


    I'm trying to install Oracle Discoverer Administration Edition at my Office Server (Win 2K Server). I already have 3 Oracle homes installed in my server (orahome92, forms, oracle9i). On installing Oracle Discoverer with orahome92, I get the foll. error message:
    "The location specified, "D:\ORACLE\ORA92", is already used as an Oracle home for 'Oracle 82 Beta'. It cannot be used as an Oracle home for 'nt'."

    On selecting home forms, I get the foll. error:
    "Oracle Discoverer does not support multiple installations, and therefore cannot be installed on 'forms'. It can only be installed on 'OraHome92'..."

    I've deleted all the forms & oracle9i homes entry from registry & deleted its files. However I still get "Oracle for windows NT forms" menu in my start menu. I'm now not able to move to the second screen of Oracle Universal Installer to uninstall forms. It just hangs! (Perhaps I should have uninstalled forms tru' Oracle universal installer & then should have deleted the registry entries.)

    Kindly help me to install Oracle Discoverer in my server. Any help or suggestions are welcome.

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    What version of discover are you installing. The one released for 7.3.4 was not multi-home enables, but the newer versions (6i, 9i, 10g) are.
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