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    Unanswered: Pls help a complete noob here :)

    Hi guys,

    I'm a complete noob for database, learning in hard way.

    Just got php4, mysql & apache working in my xp box, took me an agony 4 long night to get everything works.

    Next I would like to create a website that similar to online shopping website whereby each users have its own account & password.

    Was told in another forum, the possible combination should be php+Microsoft access.

    Where should I start?

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    You need a web server a database and a method of accessing the database and formtting the output as a web page. Looks like you are there already with Apache, MySQL and PHP4

    To a certain extent the choice of tools is up to you and depends to a certain extent on what you are familiar with. If you are sued to VB & VBA then an ASP rather than PHP site may be easier to gets to grips with.

    You can use JET (Access inbuilt data engine), but I wouldn't reccomend it if your site will be failry active. I have used Access as a means of doing the site data capture and then moving the data periodically into MySQL using dbTools (

    If you go down the PHP route there are lots of resources available to assist the development (phpclasses amongst others)

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