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    Unanswered: urgent reply is required for Triggers

    Hi All,

    I have a trigger body of lines 2873 in database.

    i am trying to fetch the trigger_body of that trigger to some file,
    but i am getting Value or Numeric error.

    i am not understanding what could be the problem,
    i am thinking since trigger_body is of LONG datatype,
    is it creating any problem.

    thanks in advance.
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    Have you tried 'set long 10000' or some other arbitrarily high number?

    Also posting your select statement and version numbers might not hurt.
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    Thank you very much for the reply,
    Yes i tried set long also, but still the problem exists.
    here i am pasting my code. actually i am trying to read long value piece by piece and write into some file, so that that file is used in my scripts.

    here is the sql

    create or replace procedure showlong( p_query in varchar2,
    p_name in varchar2,
    p_value in varchar2 )
    l_cursor integer default dbms_sql.open_cursor;
    l_n number;
    l_long_val varchar2(200);
    l_long_len number;
    l_buflen number := 200;
    l_curpos number := 0;
    v_fileh UTL_FILE.FILE_TYPE;
    v_fileh := UTL_FILE.FOPEN('/backup_vol','triggers.sql','w');
    dbms_sql.parse( l_cursor, p_query, dbms_sql.native );
    dbms_sql.bind_variable( l_cursor, p_name, p_value );

    dbms_sql.define_column_long(l_cursor, 1);
    l_n := dbms_sql.execute(l_cursor);

    if (dbms_sql.fetch_rows(l_cursor)>0)
    dbms_sql.column_value_long(l_cursor, 1, l_buflen,
    l_curpos , l_long_val,
    l_long_len );
    l_curpos := l_curpos + l_long_len;
    --dbms_output.put_line( l_long_val );
    UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE (v_fileh,l_long_val);
    exit when l_long_len = 0;
    end loop;
    end if;
    dbms_output.put_line( '====================' );
    dbms_output.put_line( 'Long was ' || l_curpos ||
    ' bytes in length' );
    when others then
    if dbms_sql.is_open(l_cursor) then
    end if;
    end showlong;

    set echo on
    showlong( 'select trigger_body from user_triggers where trigger_name = :x', ':x',

    this is working fine, but its not writing the completing code, last some 10 lines of code is not written, i am doubting about exit criteria of the code.

    pls do the needful.
    thanks in advance
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    ok this problem is solved. the mistake was file handler v_fileh was not closed.
    its working fine.

    but i want to know one more thing can i find out the size or number of lines of trigger_body from the database.
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