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    Unanswered: web site in filemaker 7

    I want to make website in filemaker 7.0. which product should i use.
    filemaker pro7.0 or server7.0 or developer7.0.

    and frontend is also in filemaker. is it available in pro7.0 or i have to use developer7.0.

    and how to convert it into website

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    Which version advice

    For standalone databases you need "developer", but these can not be networked or used as a frontend over a network.

    FMP will host up to 5 users using other FMP clients as frontends or a web browser. Create your screens within FMP, turn on web publishing and it just works.

    If you plan to have more than 5 users a day you need FMP Server and a dedicated machine. If you want to web publish you also need FMS "Advanced"

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    Howdy! With FM7, you can web publishing using the built-in INSTANT WEB PUBLISHING which simulates your layouts or you can use XML technology to design your own pages. As budnail says, if you want to create an unlimited access website, you need FM7 Server Advanced.

    You can also use FM7 as the backend database of a website and use other technologies (such as PHP) as middleware while using Apache (or IIS) as your primary web server. There are lots of options, but IWP is easiest if you are not a web developer. For IWP, you do not need to know how to code or anything.. just click a few settings and it's published. For practical purposes, however, you'll want the equivalent of a static IP address and a continuous internet connection.

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    I am currently involved in a web project where FileMaker is being used to create a database of inventory. In the past, I have always stayed away from FileMaker because I was (and still am) under the impression that it is on the low end of database managers and only useful in a small environment. That, coupled with its limited support of [actual] SQL, has really kept me away from FileMaker.

    But now that I am researching it, it seems a lot of people are using it on the web. My experience is with MS SQL (various versions), Access and MySQL. How does FileMaker compete with these DB managers, and why would I want to use FileMaker for a e-commerce web site?

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