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    Unanswered: Copy field info from 1 table to other

    Hello, I new to the FilePro db software and am having a frustrating time trying to have information copied. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    I'm using the "Event Planning" template in FileMake Pro 7, and have added 2 fields. The first is a unique serial number, the second is field labeled "Participant" that has 3 radio buttons to categorize the person's information as either, "Sponsor, Vendor or Volunteer".
    I have a separate table labeled "Vendor Information", and am trying to have the Vendor Info table recognize the unique serial number from Event Planning, then copy the name, phone number and notes into Vendor Info (when the radio button checked = Vendor).

    Create relationship, run a lookup, then script? Or....??! I've tried several things, but I cannot get any of the info to show up on the Vendor Info table (not even the serial number).

    Many thanks to ANYONE who can help me!

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    Create a relationchip between the two tables based on Serial No. and then have the fields from Vendor Info table, directly on the Event Planning layout, so the vendor information you fill in will actually be saved in Vendor Info table itself.

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    what about if the tables are from 2 different fmp databases
    can it be done

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