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    Unanswered: Looking for a large datawarehouse database!!

    Hi Guys,
    I am looking for a large datawarehouse database implemented in SQL Server to use it to run some examples in my thesis. if someone knows where I can find a large datawarehouse database (e.g Sales database) please tell me.

    I appreciate any help.

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    good luck
    there are so many reasons why people are not likely to just let you play with their toys.

    4 protected business data
    3 they dont want to break anything
    2 they dont know you
    and the number 1 reason
    dbas dont know how to share.....

    serioiusly there are a few tools out there that can generate rows of data in tables so you can create large tables.

    ms has a few neat tools in the sql server resource guide.

    i love the "database hammer" (an actual tool in the kit). and no you cant play with it.

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