i am currently trying to do a rebuild of a database. (trying to keep the database and log files as small as possible.) the problem i am running into is when i run my companies fms program and go to a screen where a pop up box gives different options for what to look for and how to look for it. A 'Data Window Error' Window pops up saying "Select Error: SQLSTATE = S0022 [Sybase][ODBC Driver]:Column 'cname' not Found". Now i was able to do a backup through sybase central, then i copied and pasted the DB and log files to another directory to make them safe. i ran dbvalid on the copy. dbvalid showed "no problems found". i deleted this copy and made another copy of the backed up database and put it in the c:\working directory. using command lines to unload the database in the c:\working directory.
the full line is 'c:\working>dbunload - c "uid=dba;pwd=sql;
dbf=c:\working\monitor.db" -u c:\unload' i then deleted the monitor.db and monitor.log files. then in the command console, i ran this command.
'c:\working>dbinit -z 850 -k -p 2048 monitor.db'

then i opened ISQL and connected to the database using the proper username and password. in ISQL i ran "Read C:\working\reload.sql" to reload the tables, triggers, functions, and data back into the database. then i copied the original backup files again to another directory. deleted the db and log files from the directory that the database is usually in. copied and pasted the db and log files from c:\working and started the server. no problems yet. when i used a client machine to run our fms program and connect to the database, still no problems. i did not get the error until i chose to go to the inventory screen and try to look up some inventory.

anybody has any ideas, i am willing to try them out... thanks in advance.