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    Unanswered: Help with a DB

    Hi all

    im trying to design a small database for my dad who is starting up his own small business as a business consultant, i've used access before but am always let down by my design and relationship, and therefore my forms dont work as well as i wanted them to do, just wondering if you guys could take a look and see if all looks in shape

    the next question i have is have you guys and girls got any idea on how to do this bit that he asked for?,

    1) im trying to make him a booking system for rooms, that takes into account consultant availabilty, room availability and room size
    2) also im trying to make it to allow in-house meetings to be scheduled where the presence of consultants from more than one speciaslism is requied

    i would appreciate if you could point out any changes, or addition, or any general help and pointers, tips as im in need of some serious help!

    thank you very much people
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    Hi Bac83 and "Welcome to the Forum"

    Take a look at this link as it has all types of database samples to maybe get you where you need to be.

    Have a nice one and hope you enjoy the forum

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    thank you bud for replying, i have had a look and made some changes to my DB, i was just wondering how i would go about booking a room (if available), consultant(if avaible), and if the room size is ok, i've been looking at some books, but i dont really know where to start, i know i have the foundations for the database but i have no idea how to build on top of it! thank you

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