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    Unanswered: DB2 on AIX to DB2 V7.2 on z/OS


    I need information on how to move data from DB2 on AIX to DB2 V7.2 on z/OS. What is the first step to be taken in preparing the data for this purpose

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    The two most important elements are Frequency and Volume.

    How often are you wanting to do this?
    How much data are we talking about?
    Are the two systems connected by a SAN, if not, how are they to be connected?

    The most basic way of performing this task is to use the cross-loader tool.
    It opens a cursor on the source table and writes all of the selected data
    out to a load file which is then loaded to the target table by the DB2 load utility.

    Have a look on the IBM redbooks for more detailed information.

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    IIRC, Cross-loader has problems when handling large amounts of data .. And Cross-loader in V7 does not provide support for LOBs
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