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    Question Unanswered: How to check whether the value of block item changed?

    Hi guys

    What is the best practise for me to check whether the value entered in a block item is really changed (example qty item value is changed to 200 from 100) & execute the calculation procedure attached with the key-next-item trigger or a push button only if the value has changed (Especially while the block is in query mode)?

    I tried “If :system.record_status=’CHANGED’ ” which didn’t help me much. If “:system.record_status” will not help me, “PRE-TEXT-ITEM” trigger could be the next best option? Or there is another way around?

    Please advice me, and my sincere gratitude for any suggestions in advance.

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    Can't tell for sure, but let me try: I *think* that system variable you use won't change unless you do "something" with that record. For example, you could use this trick in a trigger:

    /* This will leave you where you were */
    IF :system.record_status = 'CHANGED' THEN
    /* your code here */
    END IF;

    You might encounter messages such as "you're on the first record", but it's easily overrided by setting :system.message_level to higher level and - at the end of the procedure - restoring its original value.

    I hope this helps ...

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    Use the database_value clause of the get_item_property. It will return the original value that was fetched by the query.
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