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    Unanswered: "Invalid File Name"

    I am recieving an error from with in the database when trying to get to a different table. The database resides on a 2003 server, I have 2 XP machines that are in use, one that can access the database and all queries w/in the database. The other one can access the main database and complete some queries, however, this one cannot complete one specific query, when clicking on the query on the working machine I receive a printable screen, on the non-working machine I receive the error "Invalid File Name", I have checked the bde config on both machines and they are exactly the same. I even went as far as installing the database program on a new XP machine and I receive the same error. Both the working and non-working have default printers that work.
    Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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    Is it possible that the paths to the database might, on one machine but not another, include some artifact (such as spaces or what-have-you) that this particular version of Paradox would not properly understand? Is some path or alias using a "\\unc\file\path" where the other is using a "C:\dosstyle\path?"

    Are there any table-lookups or other related-file issues that could be the true source of the error?
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