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    Unanswered: SQL Mail

    I am having a problem configuring SQL Mail.
    I have successfully set it up in the past but this time I am having a problem.

    I am logging in to both the SQL Server and the SQL Server Agent services with the SAME account (a domain controler).
    I created a Mail profile while logged in to that account.
    That Mail profile appears in the SQL Server Agent "Profile name" dropdown.
    But... that same profile does NOT appear in the SQL Mail "Profile name" dropdown.

    I tried the following:
    1) Rebooted the server several times.
    2) Verified that the services were both starting with the same account.
    3) Successfully sent mail using Outlook and Outlook Express while logged on with the account I created the Mail profile in.
    4) Manually entering the mail profile in the SQL Mail Profile name dropdown. Enterprise Manager complained (Mapi profile not found) but took it.
    I restarted the server and attempted to send
    mail using xp_sendmail and it threw an error (18030 "xp_sendmail: Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request.
    Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client.")
    5) Verified that Outlook is the default mail client.

    Any ideas?


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    which version of outlook are you using.
    with sql mail always use outlook 98 or newer...
    ok that out of the way, when i have had problems with sql mail & profiles, I Simply Drop the profiles and manually recreate the profiles from scratch.

    log in as the domain account
    open mail and delete the mail profiles.
    i like to restart computers but you dont have to for this
    recreate the profile open outlook send an email to the account to test

    open sql server ent mgr
    stop and restart the sql server service and server agent
    right click sql server agent properties
    set profile and test (testing establishes a mapi connection and does not guarantee anything other than you can "ping" the mx)
    go down to sql mail and set the profile and test as well.
    what i like to do at this time is to create an operator with the sql mail account and your personal account
    and then test the profile
    you should get an email in your current outlook and on your personal email as well
    try this and see

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