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    Unanswered: binary problem

    HI Guys

    I wondered if you could help me with the following scenario. I have a Access Database which shows sales figures for a particular day. The original download comes from an IBM mainframe and is saved as a text file. This data is then archived in an access table. The user when updating using an append query must enter the date of the download to include this. The table where this is stored, the date is a binary field. There are two possible questions regarding this problem. These are as follows:

    Is there a way that the query can automatically set up the date in date/time format and not binary?

    When transferring to excel is there a way that the date comes across as currently the binary number doesnt transfer?

    Your help with this will be greatly appreciated


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    If your date is being entered as a valid date in the query then its the manner in which you Access model is storing the date value. If it is coming accross formkt he mainframe as binary then you have the option to decode the binary into a date format thast Access recognises, or write a fucntion that decodes the binary value into a human recognisable date and use that function in all subsequent processing.

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