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    Unanswered: Summary Field Help

    Here's the deal. I have a report with colums a,b, c, d, and e. All from the same database.

    Field a is a date field, field b and c are normal string fields. Field d is what I need to summarize. However, I need to summarize that field based on distinct values of fields b and c. For example, say Field b is a list of part numbers. Field c is a list of operators who produced the part numbers, and field d is number of parts produced. This report I run is a monthly report. So the same part number (field b) and operator (field c) combination can appear multiple times, and I need the sum of number of parts produced OF that combination.

    Does that make sense? For example, if Part number A1 and Operator 100, if that combination shows up on 8 different days within the month, I need to sum up the number of A1 parts produced by Operator 100 within that month timeframe.

    How do I do this is Crystal Reports, in a standard report design? Everytime I try and do a summary expression or formula summary, I get the ENTIRE summary of parts produced, not selective.

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    Try this

    Group the Records first by B and by C

    Create a Running Total Field having the field d. Select summary type as Sum
    and in the Reset Option select Group filed C

    Insert this Running total filed in Group Footer of C

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