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    Question Unanswered: how do i edit a mysql database? (was "Really basic MySQL question")

    Hey, I'm looking to learn about MySQL DB's so my site can hold more connections and move at a quicker rate. I'm used to editing databases by simply editing them from my desktop so my question is, how do I edit a MySQL database? Can someone point me in the direction to a site to help someone looking to learn MySQL? I made a MySQL db on my server which is hosted by an external site. Here's what it says when I created the db...

    You have access to one mySQL database that you can use.

    Database Name: vgameforcecom
    Username: vgameforcecom

    Please note that when connecting to the database from a script on your website you must use the internal server IP on our network which is
    If you are connecting externally using MySQL connection software the IP is

    You can connect to the database using PHP or via ASP with the following connection string:
    DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Server=;UID=vgameforcecom
    ;PWD={insert password here};database=vgameforcecom;Option=16386

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    I like to use SQLyog. They now have a free version that should work great for your purpose.

    MySQL Administrator is another valuable tool for DB configuraton and evaluating database performance. It can be downloaded at the MySQL Site.

    you can install MySQL server on your desktop PC which works well for learning and testing locally. You'll also need a server and scripting language for interaction with the database.
    Check this thread in the PHP Forum for Windows Apache, PHP, MySQL configuration PHP5 MySQL Config on XP



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    Or you can use phpmyadmin which is free of charge

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    RE: how do I edit a MySQL database?

    If you have command line access, you can interact with your databases through that if you know SQL. If you are accessing it remotely, you'd have to ssh or telnet in.

    If you are interacting with your db's through your website, you could interact with your database by writing code in your website to do things (read/write/edit) using technologies like PHP. This also requires knowledge of SQL.

    If you have MySQL management tools as bill and theodora have mentioned, you can skip knowing SQL and use the tool's GUI to do stuff. I use phpMyAdmin, a web-based tool that your web host may already have installed for you.

    I'm afraid I do not know much SQL, but what I have learned I got from the MySQL manual. I keep my MySQL and PHP manuals open and available everytime I work on web projects using those technologies. There are also lots of tutorials out there to learn the basics.

    Hope this helps some!

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