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    Exclamation Unanswered: suggestions for a Web app development program using MySQL database

    Hi all. I need to develop a web app that interacts with a MySQL database. This app will also need to run java servlets. I will be using an Appache Web Server with Tomcat plug-in and it will be running on a local server in my room on a windows platform (NT, XP PRO, or 200x server).

    My goal is finding an app that will provide rapid development and will help teach me web app development in 3 months.

    I need to develop another app for work in May on an Oracle DB using IBM's WebSphere and I'm not rich enough to pay for an Oracle database, IBM websphere, and Oracle HTML DB. Therefore I need to learn on freeware databases and web servers so I can be prepared for the task.

    Feel free to list any web app development tool you've used or that you would reccomend. Thanks!!

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    Take a look a dbQwikSite

    dbQwikSite may help. It can generate PHP and ASP and works with mySQL (and other DBs).

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