We are facing issues while accessing any JAVA Program / application deployed on Oracle9i AS R-2. The details are as given below:

Platform: Oracle9i AS R-2 on Windows-2000 SP-4
Application: The Applicaiton is developped using JAVA / JASP & HTML
Client: The Applicaiton is accessed via IE 5.5 & IE 6.0.

Issue/Problem: The Sequence is given below to simulate the issue.
1. We created a OC4J Instance OC4J_IGFL on Ora9iAS Mid-Tier Instance
2. Then we deploy one sample application inside this OC4J Instance i.e. inside OC4J_IGFL. The applicaiton is deployed by deploying a sample WAR file. Ora9iAS has created all the relevant directories & its hierarchy under applications directory. it is Mid-Tier Home/j2ee/OC4J_IGFL/applications.
3. We created a JAVA program i.e. igfl.java (It is a Java Bean). We compiled it to make its CLASS file i.e. igfl.class and copied the class file in WEB-INF\classes directory under relevant application folder as shown in pt. no. 2.
4. We then execute HTML file by executing http://<IP>:7779/igfl.html. This HTML is calling my Java Bean at Submit button. That is, igfl.class Java Bean is comes into effect at Submit.
==> Up-to this point, everything is is OK & my Application Server is performing well.

5. At some point, we need to change my igfl.class file i.e. my Java Bean is modified. Compile the Java file & MODIFIED Java Bean i.e. igfl.class is created. I do the same process as indicated in step no. 3 and again the modified Java Bean (i.e. igfl.class) is copied in its relevant directory under WEB-INF\classes folder.
6. Now, when we execute my HTML and my modified igfl.class file does not comes into effect i.e. it still executes the OLD Java Bean. MY MODIFIED JAVA BEAN DOES NOT COMES INTO EFFECT untill i restart my OC4J Instance i.e. i need to restart everytime the OC4J_IGFL instance.

So, i need to know is there any setting i am missing in my Ora9iAS configuration. I want my latest modified bean to be executed if i have copied its CLASS file. And of course do not want to restart my OC4J_IGFL instance everytime if there is any modification in any of the Java Bean.

I tried to clarify my scene & do expect a solution from you expert people at the earliest please. Thanks.

Kamesh Rastogi