Dear Masters,
i am using an adodb connection for using odbc data source

dim conCURRENT As ADODB.Connection
dim CompanyAlias as String

companyalias ="MTX" OR companyalias = "BMB"

Set conCURRENT = New ADODB.Connection
conCURRENT.Open "DSN=" & CompanyAlias

This is my connection, i am passing company shortname in company alias.

I have to view reports on the basis of companyalias that means i have to show report headers by capturing datas from companyalias database

now i am using crystal report control and it works as


With CrystalReport1

.ReportFileName = WHICHREPORT
.Connect = conCURRENT
.DiscardSavedData = True
.Destination = crptToWindow
.WindowState = crptMaximized
.ReportTitle = "Inward List"
.WindowMaxButton = False
.WindowMinButton = True
.WindowShowPrintBtn = True
.WindowAllowDrillDown = True
.WindowShowPrintSetupBtn = False
.WindowShowRefreshBtn = True
.WindowShowSearchBtn = True
.WindowTitle = "Inward Report"
.ProgressDialog = True
.Action = 1
.PageZoom 89

End With

but report doesnt connect to different Companyalias it only picks "MTX"

can any body help????