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    Unanswered: Trying to pull Unix file in Access.

    Does anyone know how to retrieve a file off of a Unix file to use in MS Access? I want to automate the process, so I need a way to connect to the UNIX server with user name and the path.

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    how are you planning to transfer the file, is the file on a netwrok accessible drive
    ie you could map the drive with unc definition such as
    \\<server name>\<path to file>\<filename>

    you will need to handle any formattign differences (predominantly these relate to how end of line / record is handled, Windows users CR & LF, unix [I think CR] and apple OS [I think LF] or possibly the other way round.

    The alrternative is an ftp transfer, depends on what facilities are available on both local and distant machine.

    if the unix host has ftp then you could consider somehting such as PuTTY of wsftp

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