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    Question Unanswered: Make cell perfectly square

    What are the cell height and width for making a cell perfectly square? The closest I can seem to get is width=3, height=15.

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    We use a for for drawing. I came up with 2.88 by 20.5. We have graph paper that I compared it to.
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    You can use this VBA code:

    Sub MakeSquare()
        Dim WPChar As Double
        Dim DInch As Double
        Dim Temp As String
        Temp = InputBox("Height and width in inches?")
        DInch = Val(Temp)
        If DInch > 0 And DInch < 2.5 Then
            For Each c In ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Columns
                WPChar = c.Width / c.ColumnWidth
                c.ColumnWidth = ((DInch * 72) / WPChar)
            Next c
            For Each r In ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Rows
                r.RowHeight = (DInch * 72)
            Next r
        End If
    End Sub
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