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    Angry Unanswered: how to export MySQL table to MSAccess -error: "couldnot find installable ISAM "


    I am trying to export tables from MYSQL database to Access 97.
    am trying to export tables from MYSQL to Access 97.
    I have phpMyAdmin 2.5.6 and I used Export Feature in that.
    I exported tables to csv data
    with CSV options Fields terminated by ;
    Fileds enclosed by "
    Fields escaped by \
    Lines terminated by \r\n
    Replace Null by NULL
    and Saved as a Inventory.csv file on my desktop.

    And then opened a new database and tried to export the .csv file. It asked few questions and left them all with defaults.
    when I clicked Finish Its giving me error "couldnot find installable ISAM"

    Could you please help me why its giving me this error.?
    please please help,


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    Can I make a suggestion, as usefull as phpMyAdmin is there are smarter tools to go from MySQL to Access (and vice versa) - have a look a dbTools ( fro one. There is a 'professional version', which costs and a slightly brain damaged (less functionality - but plenty for what you are trying to do) free one.

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    Besides dbTools as mentioned by healdem, you may also try Navicat (, they have well developed Export Wizard to export MySQL data directly to Ms Access file. You can even set a schedule for it to run automatically.

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    May I post one more link here - EMS MySQL Manager can do it also

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