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    Unanswered: how to combine multiple excel files

    i just want to know how to combine two excel files become another single file.example 1st file: IDNumber & address. 2nd file: IDNumber & name
    so 3rd file: IDNumber, address & name( combination of both file).

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    Hi sizuka_cutie and "Welcome to the Forum"

    Here is one example of CONCATENATING several fields: In this example cells start as A1, B1, C1, D1 for the cell headings. The values below correspond accordingly. It's like this....ID (321) is in cell A2, and Benny and Goodman are in cells C2 and D2. In cell E2 (Full Name) place this in the box just like this:

    =A2&" "&C2&" "&D2

    ID Address FName LName Full Name
    321 515 Yorkshire Blvd. Benny Goodman 321 Benny Goodman
    587 1245 Oceans Eleven George Clooney 587 George Clooney

    It's that simple. All the same if you wanted to reverse the order of how it is for instance you wanted the Full Name to be Last Name and then First Name you simply do:

    =A2&" "&D2&" , "&C2

    ....just reverse the order of how you set it up. NOTE: I inserted the Comma as is normally done...and you can input what you like there. I hope this helps you out and made it a bit easy for you. Hope you enjoy the Forum.

    have a nice one,

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    have a look at the VLOOKUP Function this will do what i think you need to do
    This is for the case that you are using Excel like a database and joining fields from matching id numbers

    All the Best

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