The answer is probably very simple and I've probably passed it a million times, but here it goes.
Microsoft Access Database and MS Activesync.

two databases
1 on the handheld (and right now on the desktop) that is actually used to input data (in this case - property inspection) when they are out in the field.

One database (on the desktop only) used to compile the info from various pda's into one system for reports, etc.

The problem is
1. activesync won't put it where you need it to go unless you know what you're doing - they don't.
2. I can't figure out how to get it
a. directly from the pda
b. to overwrite instead of making copy1, copy2, copy3
c the correct code to delete db1 and replace with the db from pda.

I want access to handle the sync because activesync won't handle what I need the way I need it to.

The problem with partnership, is each partner has a different name. There is a third party involved, the software the pda db is written with, and that will not allow more than one partner. Very Catholic. When you sent up a partnership with one, it kills the whole thing for the others. The pda db is written for upwards of 20+. Activesync can handle the partnerships, but the 3rd party can't. So all the pda's sync as guest.

The end customer, who has trouble with word, is a little old lady who runs this particular department. The field guys go out and gather the information, bring the pda's back to her, and leave. She will be the one getting and putting this info where it needs to be. I can get her to Put the updated DB1 on the pda, she has no problem with that. ActiveSync has made that part pretty much idiot proof. It's the other way around that kills. Which is why I need access to handle the load.

The problem right now is that the customer has to move the data back and forth, which she can't seem to do. I can do it fine, but then again, I know how to operate a computer. She doesn't and has not been able to figure out how to move the database from the pda to the desk top. I can do it in two seconds. She can't figure it out. I need a way to automate the process for her.

I would have ActiveSync do the copy to a different location, EXCEPT:

1. I wont be the one doing the copying, It will be her. Bad Idea.
2. ActiveSync, when logged on a guess (20 different users, when the program wants one) will not hold any info as to where the info should go (defaults to default location).

ActiveSync wants to put the info in the default location, at all costs. I knew when I built the db that it would be used by someone with difficulty operating Word. Trying to make this as simple as possible is driving me absolutely nuts.

If there's a way, I'll find the will.

Since Activesync refuses to put the db where you want it to go, is there a way to
A) Have access get the data directly from the pocket pc
B) Have access remove the old db and replace it with the existing db on the handheld
c) what would be the proper sql, activex, action script, macro or voodoo rain dance to comlete the task.

Any info????