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    Exclamation Unanswered: A tricky one about ALTER TABLES

    I want to do the following query:

    ALTER TABLE Visitors DROP CONSTRAINT (SELECT szRelationship FROM MSysRelationships WHERE szColumn = VisitorCompany AND szReferencedColumn=Company_ID)

    It won't let me do it because it says "ALTER TABLE Syntax error"...

    There is a way to do this????

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    What database engine are you talking about? If it were Oracle, you'd do it this way:

    ALTER TABLE visitors DROP CONSTRAINT <constraint_name>;

    That is, you have to know constraints' name.

    I've never seen such a syntax, the one you used. Did you check ALTER TABLE command syntax in your DB? Does it really allow using a subquery?

    P.S. Sorry ... I found this topic on the SQL Forum; didn't notice it was moved to the Microsoft Access.
    However, subquery in ALTER TABLE looks very, very strange to me.
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    Does this need to be done programatically? Is it something that needs to be done more than once?

    Personally I've never tried DDL changes in Access / JET, and there are better tools out there for SQL server

    if you don't need to do it by code, and it isn't soemthing that will occur moire than once I'd bit the buttle and doi it manually in the relationships window or a direct edit on the affected table

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