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    Hi All,
    Suppose I have 2 Oracle databases running on my machine, and I use ORAPWD utility to create password file. Whether the password file will be used for both databases? Or do i need to store the password file to a specific path so that it is accessible to a particular database only.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can do this for as many databases as you wish, as each password file you create will be for a specific database and stored in the Oracle_Home/Database folder.

    When you create the file, just remember to specify the full pathname e.g.

    C:\>Orapwd file=e:\ora816\Database\PWDhappy.ora password=xxx ENTRIES=10

    (where 'e:\ora816' is the Oracle_Home directory, 'happy' is the SID, & 'xxx' is the password for sys)
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    You can use a single file, but it is easier to manage multiple files. On unix, the password file gets put in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs - it should have the name as

    This way, you will have a diffferent file for each instance. This eliminates the problem of someone resetting the sys password in one instance without notifying other dba's of the other instances. When the password file is shared, you lose the ability to change the sys password independently in different instances.


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