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    Angry Unanswered: ltrim and rtirm is not working

    Hi i have a select statement as

    select empnum, len(empnum), ltrim(rtrim(empnum)), len(ltrim(rtrim(empnum))) from employee

    When i execute this stament i get the following

    1234 6 1234 6
    4321 8 4321 8
    1111 6 1111 6
    2222 6 2222 6

    How does this happens. Why ltrim and rtrim is not working here.

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    what are you using to display these results, query analyser? enterprise manager? something else?

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    What does this yield:

    select 'X' + ltrim(rtrim(empnum)) + 'X' from employee
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    ltrim(rtrim) not working

    Ive got it, the input statement is from source, and the programmers have stored vbcrlf after each string. char(13) stored at the end and that is the reason y ltrim and rtrim is not working.

    I removed the char(13) at the end and now it is working.

    Thanks for your time

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