I have this problem in my database.

**** Archiving TEMXIS table timeline.dbo.collect ****
Determining date of the next oldest data...
Next oldest data was collected at 12/17/04 00:00:00
Archiving data from '12/17/04 00:00:00' to '12/18/04 00:00:00'...
01/11/05 17:00:15 archive - SQL server fatal error in database processMsg 21, State 1: Server 'TEMXIS', Line #1, WARNING - Fatal Err
or 806 occurred at Jan 11 2005 5:00PM. Please note the error and time, and contact your System Administrator.
Failed to dump archive data to table
Archive failed
01/11/05 17:00:15 archive - Database object not found: Msg 3701, State 1: Server 'TEMXIS', Line #1, Cannot drop the table '#archive'
, because it doesn't exist in the system catalogs.

I have no ideia what is this.