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    Unanswered: Leaving a form and it is asking me for a parameter value

    There is no code On_Close, there is nothing that should really be running at the time of close, or at the time of open or load on the other form.

    The only thing I do know is that the report that gets saved/printed from the information on that form is dependant upon the information on that form.

    any ideas? I have already Compiled in the VBA part, Compact/Repair and also did the msaccess.exe /decompile

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    Do you by any chance close the form that the report gets the info from when you close the report, try leaving the form open and then closing the report and then closing the form, i had troubles with parameters ages ago, it asked me 4 times to input the parameters when i ran the report, all i had to do was leave the form open.

    Reports are funny, if it is what im thinking of then leaving the form open where the report gets it parameters then it should cause a problem.
    Based on DAO 3.6 and Access 2000 + 2003
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