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    Unanswered: get/write data from/to filemaker<->excel

    i need to tranfer some data from excel to filemaker and vice versa..

    if anyone has any suggestions and know any module for this job i would be grateful

    thanx in advance

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    I'll give you a start on getting data from Filemaker into Perl. This code was Good Enough For My Purposes, no warranties express or implied, use at your own risk.

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use Mac::Glue qw/:glue/;
    use strict;
    # After installing Mac::Glue, you need to run gluemac:
    # ben@cube:~ $ sudo gluemac /Applications/FileMaker\ Pro\ 5.5\ Folder/FileMaker\
    # Password:
    # What is the glue name? [FileMaker_Pro]: FileMaker
    # Created and installed App glue for FileMaker, v5.5v2 (FileMaker)
    my $fm = new Mac::Glue 'FileMaker';
    my @fieldNames = $fm->get($fm->prop(name=>fields=>gAll,layout=>0, database=>1));
    my %fh = map(($fieldNames[$_], $_), 0..$#fieldNames);
    print "Getting data...\n";
    # Grabs the data all in one shot; there's probably a better way to do this.
    for my $row ($fm->get($fm->obj(layout=>0, database=>1))) {
    	my %rh = map(($fieldNames[$_], $row->[$_]), 0..$#fieldNames);
        # I did stuff with %rh here...

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