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    Unanswered: Installation on Windows XP SP2

    I try to install SQL Server 2000 SP3 on my Windows XP server.

    During the installation, the setup process inform me database services can't be install on my machine.
    I can only install client tools.

    It seems to success, but when I try to connect register a new database in the Enterprise Manager tool, connection to my server databases always fail with error:
    "waiting time expire"

    If I try to connect to the same database with the Querty Analyzer it works.

    How can I solve this problem ? His there a patch ?

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    SQL Server 2000 is designed to run on a server OS so it won't install on XP. You can install msde and run small databases just fine.

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    sql server standard and sql server enterprise editions are designed to install on server OS's. However, SQL Server Developer edition runs just fine on my windows xp with sp2 laptop.

    the developer edition is exactly like SQL Std and Ent in tools looks and function. it is just limited in its client support. somewhere around 8 clients i believe.

    on a side note, i worked on a really slow sql server once and found out that they had installed the dev edition on a production server.......
    pop the cd in
    choose upgrade
    finished in 2 minutes. that'll be $100.00 please
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