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    Unanswered: Summing controls in multiple subforms

    I have a database that contains a main form. On the main form, I have two subforms, each of which contains a calculated control. I am trying to create a calculated control on the main form that sums the two calculated controls on the subforms. The problem is that I keep getting a "#Error" in the control box on the main form. I am not sure why this is happening - my theory is that the subform controls are not retaining the value but at this point, I really have no idea. Any suggestions on how I can get the control on the main form to do the calculation correctly?? Thanks.

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    you can address a subform control with:

    obviously you can add (if addition is logical) any number of controls from any number of subforms.

    make sure you know the name that the mother form uses for the "hole" each subform lives in

    make sure each control has something that can be added ...maybe nz() helps

    currently using SS 2008R2

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