Hi All,

I am trying to upgrade an existing v7.0 database to 2000 and looking for the best, effective, and easy/convinient way to do it.

I know my options are:
1. Backup/Restore
2. sp_detach_db/sp_attach_db
3. Copy Database Wizard

Here is my set up:

OS: Win XP Pro
SQL version: SQL 2000

Source Server (SERVE01)
OS: Win NT 4.0 Server (not domain controller)
SQL Version: 7.0 Server

Destination Server (SERVE02)
OS: Win 2000 Server (not domain controller)
SQL Version: 2000 Server (only one instance)
Shared Folder for destination file(s): T (note: This not a physical drive. This is only a shared name assigned to be by admin of SERVE02).

Base on my readings, Copy Database Wizard would do the trick. Because it allows you to copy database(s) without bringing/shutting down SQL Server and more.

It only requires that:
- Source Server be in 'read-only' state, i.e. no active connections
- 'sysadmin' role to both Source and Destination servers -- which I have.

When I tried to access the Copy Database Wizard from CLIENT (using Enterprise Manager) to copy a database from SERVER01 to SERVE02, the 'Destination Drive' (under Transfer Databases Properties dialog) keeps displaying 'E:' even after I tried to Modify it to force it to 'T:' with an error of "Files on the source have the same name as on the destination or there is not enough free disk space on the destination."

How can I resolve the problem so I that I can force Copy Database Wizard to use 'T:' instead of 'E:' (which I suspect is the physical drive in SERVE02)?

Is there a solution to my problem or I am force to do either option 1 or 2 above?

Many thanks in advance for your input.