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Thread: use of V$

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    Unanswered: use of V$

    i encountered a V$ on one of my companies sql queries
    i was just qondering, what is its use???

    i tried to run a script without it and using it and the
    output is just the same

    for example
    select motoro_master.body_name_master.body_code
    from motoro_master.body_name_master;

    select motoro_master.V$body_name_master.body_code
    from motoro_master.V$body_name_master;

    thanks in advance....

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    Try this link for some explanation (look at the entry for V$ Views & View). You can then investigate some more.

    But basically, you're getting the same result because the V$ view is just a query of the table.
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    thanks for the help!!!
    i appreciate it...

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