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    Angry Unanswered: Access db thru Terminal Server 2003

    I am going absolutely crazy and I hope someone can help me get my sanity back. I have users accessing a mdb thru a terminal server 2003 box. The db actually resides on a 2nd server. I can access it no prob if I go directly to it thru a workstation, bypassing ts. However, if I try to get to it via ts, I get a generic, unhelpful "disk or network error" message. Nothing else. I have googled it and updated the jet engine. I know the permissions are correct because it works if you don't use ts. I know the db isn't corrupt because it works if you don't use ts. The most infuriating part is that if you try and fail several time, walk away for awhile, come back and try again, sometimes more than one attempt is required, it will open and reopen for the rest of the session. Uurrghh!!!!! Any ideas?


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    i have this setup

    all my users access my database through terminalserver 2003 and i have no problems of course each one of there ts desktops has a frontend and the backend data is on the server. what server is the data on (windows2003,windows 2000 advanced.) Sounds Like you got a permissions issue going on here.

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