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Thread: CLP is Blank

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    Cool Unanswered: CLP is Blank

    I'm having a issue when opening DB2 CLP and it's blank, I can't get the DB2 prompt. Note that this is only on some pc's. I've tried start, run db2 cmd, still doesn't work.

    Do you have to be a administrator to use the clp???


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    I have noticed this when I try to run it with non-admin users.

    I have noticed this a few times when trying to run it with users that do not have admin rights. I usually have admin rights in the machines where I work with the CLP and I never have this problem, but have seen it a few times when the user logged in is not an admin. Not sure if there is a way to get it to work for non-admin users.

    This is in a windows environment.

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