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    Unanswered: Sending a SMS with Access

    Is it possible to send SMS using Access?

    I never heard something like that...

    Has someone an opinion about this?

    Thank you.



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    Directly via access I'm not certain
    How are you planning to send you SMS messages, via a server or a directly connected phone.

    If the former then presumably you will be using one of the web based gateway services so it should be fairly straight forward to package the mesage correctly to send to the server. I know there are some libnraries on Linux boxes that integrate that functionality, no idea if they are available on Windows.

    If the latter then depending on the manufacturer then there may well be an API available supplied with the Phone. There definately used to be with Nokia, and I think there is with the NM8 voyager phoness.

    Did Google or some of the techie sites (such as sourceforge) provide any pointers?

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