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    Unanswered: Help with Visual Basic Error message

    I'm now getting the following error message when I click on certain command buttons in a form:

    Error Accessing file. Network connection may have been lost.

    Please note that I have been using this form and these command buttons for weeks with no problems and then yesterday I started getting this error. I tried to find the cause/solution on and it mentions something about a service pack that will correct the problem, but the IT guys here don't think that is the problem.

    Does anyone have suggestions? Have you encountered this problem before?

    Someone suggested I run a compact and repair and if that didn't work to import the db and basically start over. The compact and repair didn't help this problem and I'll try the import eventually, but I don't know if it is a problem with the database. My IT guys think it is a corrupt database, but to me that makes little sense since the db hasn't changed and it used to work.

    Any other ideas?

    Just to give a background (this may be the root of the problem):
    Desktop computer (and this particular db) is used solely by me, but has a network login
    Attached to large network with multiple mapped drives
    the db is housed on an iomega because of confidential information - it is locked up every night
    Has office standard XP (2002), but also has access 2000 and access '97 loaded
    SP3 from Microsoft hasn't been loaded correctly (getting an error on that)
    DB with no changes to structure/format worked perfectly 2 days ago.

    Lastly - I created a copy of the db to try and work out the problem. I deleted all the command buttons (even the ones that still worked) and started from scratch on the code. Now I'm getting an error that says: The LinkMasterFields property has produced this error: 'A problem occurred while (db name) was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control'

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    Try to find out what mdac version you are using.

    run the registry program goto local machine then Software then Microsoft then click dataAccess componet then look at the version . If MDAC version is 2.6 and below then try to install the latest verions.

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