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    Unanswered: Access & SQL Server


    I have two questions:

    Q1 - What's the diference between, linking via ODBC an SQL table to Access, and linking via ODBC an SQL table to an adp project?

    Q2 - The basic diference between Access databases and SQL server databases, is that the second is more powerfull, and the net trafic is less in a multiuser enviroment, because SQL Server resolves the querys in the server and returns only the result to the user, rather then send all the data in the table or tables to the user, like Access does.
    So what happens if, in an Access project i link the SQL tables and make the querys in the project? Isn't that the same thing, when i share an Access database with linked tables (backend/frontend)? Or instead of linking tables i must link the SQL querys (views or stored procedures)?

    Help me with this one, i'm starting with SQL Server.


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    For an effective description of the differences can I suggest you buy a good reference book such as Litwin, Getz & Gunderloys 'Access Developer Handbook' books. The 'Enterprise ' book does just that, and its available from all good computer bookstores (& Amazon)

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